Encouraging Success

At A Child’s Garden, we strive to develop the social and emotional growth of the children by providing them with challenging, engaging, and rich experiences. Our guidance policy promotes independence, cooperation, compassion and respect for all. We encourage open communication between the children as well as with adults, promoting positive relationships. These relationships create a welcoming, safe, and nurturing environment meeting the individual needs of each child.

Teachers use positive guidance to encourage successful interactions by;

  • Encouraging children to develop their own solutions to problems and conflicts
  • Redirecting children away from the conflict
  • Encouraging children to understand their views and allow them to understand another person’s point of view
  • Supporting children in developing self-regulation skills
  • Encouraging children to develop positive self-esteem by providing positive reinforcement and recognition
  • Encouraging children to be positive members of the community at A Child’s Garden and the community at large