Caring Cent Program

Your Small Change Will Have a Big Impact
on A Child's Garden Preschool

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We've made donating to a Child's Garden even easier by partnering with CaringCent! Here's how it works:

Register your credit/debit card with CaringCent and when you shop, your purchase total will be rounded up to the nearest dollar. The difference is then donated to A Child's Garden Preschool. It's that easy!

Your donation will be a great asset towards applying funds towards the Giving Campaign. Money donated will allow ACG to continue to bridge the gap in funding tuition assistance, family support programs, enrichment activities, continuing education for faculty and staff, facility maintenance and upgrades, NAEYC accreditation requirements, employee benefits and administrative costs.

Thank you for your donation!

How to Participate

Click the button below to go to the A Child‘s Garden page on the secure CaringCent website. There you will click the orange button at the bottom of the page to register for the program.

Caring Cent Registration Page