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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What are your classroom ratios for children to teachers?

  • Infants: 3-1
  • Toddlers: 4-1
  • Two-year-olds: 6-1
  • Three-year-olds: 7-1
  • PreK: 8-1

Can I customize the schedules offered for my child?

Sorry,no. We are unable to customize the schedules listed due to the staff scheduling to meeting the ratios each day.

Do you provide lunch and snacks?

ACG only provides snack and we ask families to provide lunch.

Do you have the ability to reheat food and refrigerate food?

We only have the ability to refrigerate items for the infant and toddler rooms. Thus, we ask all other age groups to use icepacks in lunch boxes for any items that require refrigeration. We require any items that require reheating to be sent in glass containers.

What do you do if there is a food allergy in the classroom?

We provide snack alternatives for the child with allergies and if necessary, we ask all families in the classroom respect the allergy restrictions while packing their own child’s lunch.​

Does my child have to be potty trained to register?

No, we do not require a child to be potty trained in order to attend our preschool.​

What age range to do you accept at your preschool?

​We accept children 3 months to 5 years old.

What is the daily schedule for infants?

All infants are on individual schedules.​

What are families responsible to supply for their child?


  • diapers
  • wipes
  • diaper cream
  • change of clothes
  • food (milk, formula) until they are one year old
  • Dental hygiene supplies
  • sun block
  • bottles

2’s and older:

  • Change of clothes (appropriate for the season)
  • toothbrush and toothpaste
  • water bottle
  • sunblock
  • change of shoes

Does my infant have to be able to take a bottle?

Yes, unless someone is able to come to ACG whenever their child needs to be fed. (At least every 2.5 hours)​

How much is tuition?

Please check the tuition page on this site to see all tuition costs.